Real life but as a video game. Since I started working in digital marketing I feel even more uploaded and virtual than ever before. I thought I may as well start documenting these because they have been lots of fun.


new_cross_gate, 2022
digital painting
150 x 300 pixels

I made this piece from memory even though I live up the road from this street, this caused me to highlight significant parts of the road and if you know the area, you'll notice that it is incredibly inaccurate but somehow recognisable.

I walk past here a lot and can't recall if the coffee shop shut down or if it's just so undesirable I think it's shut when it isn't.

When I made this I imagined playing a spooky RPG game because walking back from Wing Chun class at night in new cross gate is a bit dodgy. I'd like to turn this into a London kung fu game one day.

This piece uses a slightly altered version of the 'SLSO8' colour palette by Luis Miguel Maldonado.