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Hi pals,

I'm Mitch, I'm based in South London & I have been making handpoke (stick and poke) tattoos for over 4 years. I offer a variety of styles but prioritise minimalist, lettering, ignorant style, spooky & AI generated designs.


I tattoo out of a small private studio in Woolwich, South London.

The space has a bit of a DIY vibe & is fully equipped with a comfortable bed & arm rests to ensure you are comfortable for your session.


Please fill out the inquiry form & I'll get back to you.





View more on instagram: @catastropheofexistence



I charge by design, not by the hour. Fill out the inquiry form below and I'd be happy to give you a quote for your tattoo.

Session prices start from £30 (even for a tiny dot). As this covers basic equipment costs. So if you'd like to get something small, it is more cost effective to get a few tattoos done during one session.

I always try to keep everything as affordable as possible, so if you're worried about money let me know & we can try to work something out that doesn't put you out of pocket.


I tattoo because I enjoy it and not for the money ✌️ 


Yes, all ideas are welcome and I'm always up for collaborating with you to make something unique. It helps if you're able to provide some reference images, or a sketch.

I do not tattoo other artists designs but I'm happy to use them as source material to make something new for you. Exceptions can be made if you have permission from the artist.


Once a session is booked (and a deposit placed), I will draw up your design. The design can be edited before your tattoo.


I have been handpoke tattooing reguarly for over 4 years.

I began learning machine tattooing in 2012, when I worked as an apprentice in Torquay. I then went to uni to study a BA in Arts and MFA, during this time I worked as an illustrator and returned to tattooing in 2017.


At this point I started handpoke tattooing, combining my knowledge from previous years (with a machine), with a new path of self learning, private mentoring and lots of practice.


Yes, but it is rare that a piece will need going over after it has healed. However, that being said the human body is full of surprises and there are many factors involved for a tattoo to heal well.

After care instructions are provided for every session to ensure your tattoo heals as best as possible. Please also stay off the bevs the night before your session, this helps a lot!


Having tried both, tattooing without a machine allows me to use a very stripped back work station, which I find particularly appealing.


I find the process to be meditative and many clients comment on this also when receiving a tattoo. From my experience handpoke tattoos are generally less traumatic for the skin.​ The large majority of my clients have also said that handpoking hurts less, which is a bonus.

Tattooing without a machine certainly comes with limitations, but I enjoy this challenge. I do like machine tattoos (and have many) though I do not think I'll ever work using a machine again.


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